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clarify & sustain

In our society where information overflow plays an important role, it is the ambition of Studio Inform to clarify and give insight into complex information.

By making use of graphic design as a tool. A combination of powerful texts and clear imagery that strengthen one another. This way helping the brain to read, understand and take in information.




A set of different skills that can be used or combined to get to an exquisite end result.

Data visualisation
Print design
Interactive design


How can Studio Inform help you?


Searching for ideas and ways to let the content or subject be fully appreciated, so that the story can be communicated in the most suitable form.


Looking into a specific problem or situation. Research the specific need and look at how to use the circumstances to strengthen the design.


A visual translation of the concept and research into a clear and clean design. To get to an aesthetically pleasing and above all, functional end result.


If necessary, look into what other steps need to be taken to realise the end product and see who else can help you best with this.

About me

Lysanne de Water - graphic design

I have a passion for analysing, structuring and visualising information. It gives me great joy to work on projects that communicate well and tell a clear story. Studio Inform came into existence after I realised that there is a great need for clarification and becoming aware of my passion to work on this. It is my goal to keep searching for new and effective ways of informing people through visualisations.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

A quote by Benjamin Franklin, which illustrates the importance of interactivity within an information process. This sort of became my studio motto, because that interactivity is exactly what I strive for in my projects.

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